About Me

Want to know a little bit too much about me? You asked for it!

Hi, I’m Jaslin Martin 🙂

Once Upon A Time…

There was a young girl that couldn’t, for the life of her, stand her parents fighting. Her bigger sister was always in trouble, her father was an alcoholic, and she needed a way out of her reality. So, similar to other people her age she had imaginary friends… but inside books.

My First Book

One day… I was given my first book from my best friends Godfather, Dan Wakefield.  Ever since that day, books became my escape from the world just as much as they were my saviors. I didn’t need a knight in shining armor because I had books as my companions. Truthfully, I was a little Belle who just wanted adventure in the great wide somewhere. And I got just that in all of my books. Dystopian novels became my favorite because who doesn’t love stories of the world ending and people finding a way to humanize the world again? Showing that there is always hope and more to learn from. I love them! It’s a way for us to see one way the world may turn out if we don’t change our actions NOW.

My First Glimpse in Personal Development

While growing up (sadly I am not a good pirate and couldn’t sail my way to Neverland) I became engrossed in personal development. I would read books and listen to audios by Jim Rohn, Dan Millman, and Tony Robbins (to name my top three) to better myself in all aspects of life, health, and soul. I became a top student in my classes and a business minded individual whom just wanted to help others succeed on their own as well. Now, after having over 10 certifications and finishing over 13 courses I focus on teaching others everything I have learned and giving back to my community of women.

My Nickname Sunshine

My father named me Sunshine at a young age. He said I brightened up his day! And ever since I have done my very best to brighten everyone’s day. It’s been a dream of mine to reach as many people as possible and change their lives for the better. What better way than through a self-improvement book club for women entrepreneurs? Beauties, Books & Business.

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“Avoiding the risk in life means avoiding being alive. Take the leap.”

– Jaslin Martin

My Business

I empower women entrepreneurs to read, feed their souls, and succeed in business.


Join the self-improvement book club for women entrepreneurs with over 250+ dedicated lady bosses supporting and loving each other through life & business.

Feed Their Souls

Discover the tools that can bring you peace, love, and happiness. Know the proven strategies that have changed thousands of lives.  It’s time to put YOU first.

Succeed In Business

 Stop having a busyness and start having a business. Know your purpose in life, who you are talking to, and exactly how to rise to the top. 

You made it all the way to the bottom and you have no idea where to start but you KNOW you want to work with me? Gotchu.